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E-commerce is an excellent way for retailers to improve their bottom line and promote their brand. Here is a checklist of the top things you must do before you launch your E-commerce store. For information regarding our Cata E-commerce web solutions go below.

E-commerce Setup Plan

  • What you are planning to sell
  • Figure out business model
  • Target Market
  • Business Legal
  • Store Policies
  • Domain Name and Hosting
  • Phone Policy
  • Store Inventory
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Bank Account & Merchant Account
  • Pricing Model
  • Website Design
  • Product Descriptions
  • SSL Certificate
  • Privacy Policy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Pre Sale Ratio
  • Payment Methods

Based on what we have learned as leading website designers and E-commerce developers, we have produced this essential checklist for setting up your E-commerce store right the first time. Ensure you have all these steps covered to give you the best chance of success.

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